Artist Spotlight: The 5 Times Jeon Ji Hyun Wows With Her Captivating Aura

Jeon Ji Hyun's cameo at the end of "Kingdom" Season 2 sparked numerous conversations and his involvement in the Netflix Original. "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" is notably the latest talk of town since its launch on Netflix in last month. Recognized for her roles in romantic comedies, here are the 5 times Jeon Ji Hyun displayed her versatility, making her one of Korea's most sought after actress.

Jeon Ji Hyun is known to many as the Queen of Rom-Com with works such as "Windstruck", "Il Mare" and "My Sassy Girl" that shot her to international fame. "My Love From The Star" was a highly notable SBS drama series starring Kim Soo Hyun and her. The series' high ratings saw Jeon Ji Hyun as a glamorous fashionista endorsing various fashion, make up and food brands, spreading Hallyu beyond Korea. She is truly quite an influencer.

Here are some of the times Jeon Ji Hyun proved she's a natural beauty who captivates outside of romantic comedies.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North - With the loss of her village folk, Ashin vowed to seek vengeance and harbored much hatred in her heart. The buildup of Ashin's character since her adolescent years, played by Kim Shi-A, hinted at the strength, passion and charisma that would be exuded as she transitions to adulthood. With Jeon Ji Hyun's cool demeanor and on point delivery, this Kingdom prequel seem to have been tailored for her. She expressed her excitement in her involvement in the series and was thrilled at the thought of expanding the plot.

Be sure to catch to full feature on Netflix if you haven't already. More dialogue guaranteed than simply zombie talk. This feature is written by Kim Eun-hee and directed by Kim Seong Hun.

Assassination - A 2015 film directed by Choi Dong Hoon, this was the 8th top grossing film in Korean film history, according to ticketing statistics by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). Set during Japan's colonial rule over Korea in the 1930s, Jeon Ji Hyun plays dual roles as twins who were separated at birth. One of them becomes a resistance fighter and the other followed their pro-Japanese father, betrothed to a Japanese general to be assassinated by the resistance. In this film, Jeon Ji Hyun exhibits her versatility in the action scenes, proving she's not just a pretty face.

The Berlin File - An action thriller film with a North Korean spy agent storyline and a betrayal theme. Jeon Ji Hyun plays the wife of the North Korean agent played by Ha Jung Woo. The fight and explosion scenes makes this film worth a watch. It also stars Ryu Seung-bum and Han Suk-kyu.

The Thieves - Another film directed by Choi Dong Hoon in 2012 with star studded ensemble from Korea and Hong Kong. The film became the 6th highest grossing Korean film according to KOFIC statistics. Jeon Ji Hyun plays a burglar who uses a charm to steal an artifact with her gang of thieves. They then travel to Hong Kong and team up with more thieves to steal a precious diamond. Watching "The Thieves" might remind of the all-time best heist genre Hollywood film, "Ocean's Eleven".

Cliffhanger - Also written by Kim Eun-hee, soon to come TV series on tvN this October is set in Mount Jiri National Park. The mystery action thriller will center around rangers and the stories in Mount Jiri. Jeon Ji Hyun assumes the role of the park's top ranger, saving lives as she navigates through the mountain trails with her keen knowledge. Ju Ji Hoon also stars in this highly anticipated fall drama.

The series is produced by Studio Dragon and Astory, and will be streamed worldwide on China's video platform, iQiyi.

Images are official posters and "Cliffhanger" still cuts are from tvN.

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