Artist Spotlight: Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is back and on fire! Since his last film, "The Battleship Island" in 2017 and TV series, "Arthdal Chronicles" in 2019, he was on a hiatus from the limelight. Because he's taken 2021 by the horns with the release of Netflix Film, "Space Sweepers" and tvN series, "Vincenzo" all in the same month, Song Joong Ki is next to take the "Artist Spotlight".

Song Joong Ki debuted as an actor in the 2008 period film, "A Frozen Flower". He took on a few more roles and was a regular host on KBS' "Music Bank" and broke through with "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", a drama set in the Joseon era about four young handsome students and their stories revolving love and friendship. But it was 2012 that saw a major turning point for Song Joong Ki as he starred in lead roles for the film, "A Werewolf Boy" and TV series, "An Innocent Man".

"A Werewolf Boy" is about a beautiful teenage girl who befriends a young feral boy in the countryside and teaches him the civilized ways of society, until she realizes the beast within that's yet to be unleashed. The film smashed Korean box office numbers to hit 1 million admissions during its first week of release. The film became a Korean cult classic and won Director Jo Sung-hee several awards at the 4th KOFRA Film Awards, the 5th Terracotta Far East Film Awards and the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards. Park Bo Young also won Best Actress at the 4th Pierson Movie Festival.

The melodrama series, "The Innocent Man", on the flip side, had a dark theme of betrayal in love. From a studious, but poor medical student to arrogant Casanova, Song Joong Ki wowed audience convincingly. The role of Kang Maru made Song Joong Ki recognized for his wide acting spectrum. He received Excellence awards at the 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, 1st KDrama Star Awards and KBS Drama Awards.

Shortly after his successes in both works, Song Joong Ki dominated the advertising world, endorsing brands such as Maxim Coffee, Laneige Homme, Samsung's Galaxy Pop and Lotteria. His clean cut "ulzzang" good looks and "perfect son" image made him brand advocate for a diverse range of products, eventually earning him the title of "CF (Commercial Film) King" in Korea.

After his military discharge, Song Joong Ki returned with the insanely popular hit Kdrama, "Descendants of the Sun". Playing Captain Yoo Sijin, his popularity soared throughout Asia and once again was became the face of commercials across every product possible. Even so, Song Joong Ki has continuously been putting out noteworthy works such as period action film, "The Battleship Island", and Netflix Original tvN series, "Arthdal Chronicles".

After getting through a whirlwind these last two years, 2021 started with a bang for Song Joong Ki with the release of thrilling sci-fi action film "Space Sweepers", another collaboration with Director Jo Sung-hee since "A Werewolf Boy". The film also stars Kim Tae Ri and was released exclusively on Netflix. In his new highly anticipated comedy-crime tvN series "Vincenzo", Song Joong Ki plays a suave and cold Korean Italian consigliere, who has a knack for accomplishing his goals through unconventional means. In case you missed the trailers, here are quick links to both.

By far one of the most resilient and versatile actors, Song Joong Ki never fails to outdo his previous accomplishments. He's probably set to take on the world with "Space Sweepers" and the opening episodes of "Vincenzo" already garnering positive feedback, now we wait for the rest of Song Joong Ki's magic to unfold.

Sources: (1), remaining images are from official TV series/movie promotional channels

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