Bringing Asia to Series Mania with the Supernatural & Thrillers

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Series Mania held their press conference in Lille and Paris on Feb 19 to unveil the list of nominees for their various competition categories, including their special guests’ lineup. This year, 3 Asian shows were selected. Let’s find out which ones.

This year’s Series Mania will take place in Lille from March 20 till 28 and we’ll expect Asia representatives coming from Japan, Korea and Singapore. It’s good to see some familiar faces as some were nominated for the second time running.

Viddsee, a Singapore online platform known for their original short films and series had “Soul Food” nominated to compete in the Short Forms category. The story is about a chef who possesses the talent to recreate the last meal shared by her clients prepared by their departed loved ones.

The series takes a fantasy and supernatural approach to Singapore’s gastronomy. You’ll find the first episode below.

WOWOW Japan’s “Behind the Door” is a candidate in the running for the International Panorama award. The story revolves around a housewife, summoned to a jury for the trial of an infanticidal mother, and identifies with the accused pushed to the edge by traditional macho and family oppression.

Last but not least, the other Asian series nominee for the International Panorama category is CJ E&M’s “The Cursed”. This series is currently still on-air in Korea and produced by Studio Dragon. It is the first drama series written by screenwriter and director, Yeon Sang-Ho, well known for his work in “Train To Busan”.

This supernatural thriller revolves around a fair-minded journalist, who meets a young teenage girl, holding the power to cast deadly spells with three simple things: a photo, name in Hanja characters and a personal item. Guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

How will these Asian series do at this year’s Series Mania. We’ll discover more later in March.

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