Cheers to What's Next

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Reflecting on 2019 with an interesting project I’ve yet to mention. Friends at Dive Studios approached one fine day for some help on with a brand partnership with Goose Island in Korea, involving producing a video series, titled "Cheers to What's Next".

The 5-part video series is about 5 artists' journey in the music industry, what first got them into music, the obstacles and slumps faced and how they went against all odds, picked themselves up and eventually found the silver lining. We had the privilege to film stories from former 15& member, Jamie Park, singer-songwriter, Stella Jang, DJ and producer, Raiden, former K-pop boyband member of BIGSTAR and UNB, Feeldog and main rapper for boyband, VIXX, and hip hop label, Groovl1n's founder, Ravi.

Jamie talks about depression in her adolescent days, Stella, about discrimination living in France, Raiden too, faced discrimination during his performances in the world of EDM. Feeldog highlights the lowest points of his life and how art changed everything. Ravi's episode was by far the most interesting. Instead of emphasizing slumps, he discussed the K-pop industry's challenges and how he's stepping up to make the changes he wants to see. You can watch the full series below.

Thanks to Goose Island for this brand partnership, making the production all possible. The marketing team were aiming for young, urban dwellers in Korea for this series, hugely influencing the artist choices. Essentially, the artists dared to be and are unafraid taking risks. They touched upon topics uncommonly discussed by many in the Asian music industry, which made this series such a privilege and meaningful to produce.

The crucial turning point highlighted how the artists’ shifted gears to overcome their challenges and lull points, which led to a positive outcome. As a result, each episode ends on a high note giving cheers to what's next. Coincidentally, "cheers to what's next" is also Goose Island's tagline.

So many Asian artists' are already such an inspiration to many but I sincerely wish more stories like this get told in a meaningful way. Thank you Dive Studios for doing what you do and we look forward to more in 2020. Cheers to what's next!

Images are screenshots taken from the official videos on Dive's YouTube channel

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