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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This last week had a lot going for Korean hip-hop singer/songwriter, pH-1. For starters, it was his birthday on July 23. Happy Birthday, Harry! Following the special day, he released new songs for the summer and did a special interview on the podcast show, "K-pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam". For that, we'll feature him on this month's "Artist Spotlight".

pH-1 on Daebak Show

pH-1, also known as Harry Park or Park Jun Won, was born in Seoul and moved to New York at the young age of twelve. Apparently, Harry's family was the only one who’d moved to the US for a better life. Thanks to his parents’ hustling via side jobs at a deli, thrift shop and 7-11, ends were met and gave both Harry and his younger sister a shot for better education. In a recent interview released on Eric Nam's “Daebak Show”, Eric calls this “the quintessential immigrant story” moving to the US for a better life for the family.

Though Harry studied biology in Boston College, worked as a dentist’s assistant and a web developer, his passion for music remained constant. Things started looking up for Harry when Jay Park became his follower on Instagram, took a bet and signed him to H1ghr Music, making him the pH-1 he now is today.

Summer Episodes

Harry turned 30 last Tuesday and commemorating the big “3”, he released 3 new songs, collectively known as “Summer Episodes” for the season. All 3 songs were produced by his good friend, Mokyo and exude a chill summer vibe, especially “Bool”, featuring Beenzino. Do take a listen on your preferred music platform, if you haven’t already.

pH-1 on Daebak Show 2

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry on set while filming the special episode for Eric Nam’s "Daebak Show” and was impressed by his chill and laidback personality. Despite his cool rapper persona, Harry’s soft-spoken nature made his stories shared more heartfelt and sincere. This episode of “Daebak Show” also received much love as many fans claimed they've "never seen this side of pH-1 and it’s so good to see him chill with Eric” and how this type of “wholesome and down to earth conversation” is the content they’d like to see more of.

From podcast to interview video to his 30th birthday and new summer singles, it has been a pH-1 celebration all throughout the last week of July. The talented Harry is definitely someone to watch in the coming years. Catch the full interview on YouTube below.

Image sources: All screen captures taken from Dive Studios' Official YouTube channel.

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