Podcasts Made in Asia

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Staying on the topic of podcasts for a little more, this post touches upon some podcast shows made in Asia. They range from lifestyle, entertainment and technology. We’ll briefly introduce the content and take closer look at promotions strategies deployed.

Business & Tech

The Jay Kim Show : According to Jay Kim himself, this show aims to "Discover the greatest companies and the most profitable investment opportunities in Asia”. The episode length is approximately a bite-sized 20 minutes long, with insightful content from high level executives and entrepreneurs building their businesses from ground up. This podcast is available on Apple Podcast and perfect for busy professionals and anyone interested in start ups.

Other than podcasts and the transcriptions, Jay Kim includes original articles pertaining to the business and investment landscape in Asia. Not only is he a full time investor and entrepreneur, Jay Kim brands himself as a fitness enthusiast, also helping people achieve their fitness goals. Jay also seems to be a frequent speaker at RISE, a tech conference held in annually in Hong Kong for startups and investors in Asia.

Analyse Asia :

A digital media platform set out to gain deeper insights in Asian business, tech and media trends and relate these stories in podcast format. Through interview with chief executives, they delve into companies deploying strategies penetrating Asia, thereby garnering them competitive edge.

Hosted by Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia has an extensive coverage of the business landscape delving into areas from media to tech to real estate. They’re also on every major podcast platform such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud and Himalaya. Usually kept around 30 minutes, this is another great resource for busy professionals on the go, who want a comprehensive overview of business in Asia.

Catch this episode with South China Morning Post CEO, Gary Liu.

The Purposeful Creative :

Arriane Serafico, hailing from the Philippines, is behind this podcast show with the purpose of enabling women entrepreneurs to explore different ideas and grow a career behind purpose and passion. Arriane delivers a show that her audience (largely young female entrepreneurs) could relate to in a down to earth and heartfelt manner. Given there are very few women hosts in the Asian podcast world, Arriane provides a refreshing perspective and addresses the struggles most women entrepreneurs go through in their journey.

Arriane is also run classes and teaches creative leadership to a why-driven community of women through online courses. She was also a speaker at the 2019 Altitude Summit, held in Palm Springs, California. While she hasn’t created much content of late, her brand voice, identity and content she stands for are aligned to appeal to her target audience. We sure look forward to more exciting episodes from now following her last one about life lessons.


The BITE by Esquire Singapore :

Esquire is a general interest lifestyle magazine for sophisticated men and has been known for pushing boundaries, stewarding men to their best through its powerful storytelling. Hosts Norman Tan, Anita Kapoor, Debra Langley and Ben Hopkins speak about lifestyle and society trends noticed throughout Asia with Singapore as the heart of it all.

Because of the number of hosts and invited guests for certain episodes, while interesting topics are discussed they tend to be lengthier than other podcasts. Esquire Singapore, with it’s brand has given this show leverage over resources and exposure. The show is widely available across not only Apple Podcast and Spotify, but is available on Stitcher, Audioboom, Player FM and Tunein, likely to reach a larger English speaking audience outside Singapore alone.


Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam :

Probably the only podcast show by a celebrity dedicated to K-pop. Korean American singer/songwriter, Eric Nam started the show in April 2019 highlighting latest releases in Korean music charts, breaks down the song and shares some personal anecdotes with these featured artists behind the scenes. Beside new releases, the show also presents special segments such as Catching Up, where Eric catches up with artists he's friends with and Behind The Song, where music writers and producers join the show to tell their story of the writing process.

For K-pop fans, the show isn’t complete without giveaway contests, fun and hilarious rambles from Eric, occasionally accompanied by his brothers, Brian and Eddie. More importantly, the show reaches out to fans through social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mainly, appealing to fans for feedback on betterment of the show. An example was the episode with Shinhwa's "Perfect Man" throwback. Yes, Eric does listen to his listeners. A playlist with featured songs on the show are also added on Daebak Show's YouTube channel, makes for convenient listening after Eric’s song introductions.

While podcasts have clearly blown up in the United States, Asia’s podcast growth, except China, might be a little slower due to a lack of quality content, especially in entertainment. With the right formula, this makes for a large potential to capture the affluent audience in this fast growing market. For more on podcasts, read my other post titled, "Analyzing the Global Podcast Growth".