Asia is Series Mania's newfound interest?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

With a 10-year long history where it all began in France, Series Mania is extending its reach to Asia, getting to know some of the region’s freshest TV series.

Series Mania's Francesco Capurro, Laurennce Herszberg and Frederic Lavigne

Series Mania, while almost every avid TV lover has heard of it in France, it’s relatively unknown in Asia. I’ll briefly introduce in this post. Series Mania is an International TV Festival held annually in Lille, France. The festival showcases the latest original and high quality TV series, in certain cases hold world premieres at its premises. Also a place for TV producers, directors, talent and industry professionals to connect and discover new TV series projects, finished and under development, from all over Europe. Through these networking sessions, they find synergies for co-production and collaboration.

Series Mania 2019

This well-respected European festival is now aggressively expanding their search for TV series in Asia for the first time to feature in Lille later this March. Series Mania has also had more active participation from the US, as seen in the 2018 edition. Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings was a panelist and speaker at the industry forum. He spoke about Netflix’s plans for Europe, how Netflix has seen stories from all over the world travel and is positioned to be a positive force of people understanding other cultures through series and films. Click to watch the full interview clip.

Reed Hastings at Series Mania

Some other key figures and highlights regarding the 2018 festival from their brochure:

- 127 screenings, 83 international series from 19 countries

- Representatives from major media companies such as France Television, NBC Universal, EndemolShine International, HBO, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Studio Canal etc. participated

- Industry professionals from 40 countries including France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, USA and more attended

- 16 co-pitched projects successfully selected for development

The Series Mania expansion to Asia shows Europe's growing interest in the Asian region, which in turn opens new inroads to Europe, which historically has been a difficult market to penetrate. Perhaps the start to interesting synergies?

Stay tuned as we will unveil the Asian content that made it to this year's Series Mania soon.