RAIN makes a strategic comeback

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Apart from wedding bells ringing for Rain and Kim Tae Hee, his new single, "The Best Present", Rain made moves to ensure his song was heard. Here's what he did.

In collaboration with Psy, made sensational with "Gangnam Style", Kpop legend, Rain released "The Best Present" earlier in mid January. A behind-the-scene video of his music video making was released a week after, arousing curiosity if it was his marriage proposal to Kim Tae Hee. Turns out it was!

Because a huge draw for this song is his dance sequence in the music video, Rain used it for DIA TV's first ever Global Dance Cover Festival. Celebrity dance choreographers such as Poppin' Hyun Joon, 1Million Dance Studio's Park Bong Young and 3DCOLOR'S Doobu also took a stab at the song.

While this festival is fully organized by DIA TV, French video platform, Dailymotion seems to have partnered with them for this event as announced on their blog and extensive promotions done on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts for "exclusive" videos.

Dailymotion's Instagram post of Rain's Commentary post submission for GCDF 2017

GCDF 2017 Participant's Instagram post after Rain comments on her submission

Although there aren't any official numbers on participants, there were quite a handful of quality submissions seen from the event's channel on Dailymotion.

Rain and the celebrity choreographers also created videos, providing feedback and comments on the submissions. This huge engagement from the celebrities made participants felt "closer" to them as we see from this instagram post on the left.

The Global Dance Cover Festival would have contributed a large percentage of "The Best Present" music video views, in order for fans and participants alike to learn the dance (way more effective than song covers). Furthermore, it helps the song go viral whenever these dance cover videos gets shared among participants' network. Pretty neat work done indeed.

What are your thoughts of Rain's comeback?

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