Playlists: Mixtapes of Today

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Remember the time you used to record mixtapes of your favorite songs for friends? Today, in a world where CD players are antiques and so much content created, how do you ensure good music travels?

Playlists! Gone are the days where songs are released as an album of ten tracks. In case you didn’t know, that was done for an economical reason. In the digital age, music could be released on a weekly, if not daily basis. What makes a great shareable playlist? Let’s take a look at some of the useful ingredients when concocting one.

1. Needs to convey a story: Knowing your music isn’t enough. A flow in your playlist’s purpose is highly desirable for it to get noticed.

For example, this one from Spotify called "Have A Great Day" never fails to perk one up with these selected timelessly fun songs.

Or go with this playlist "少年时代", translated as "When We Were Young". As the title suggests, these are Mandopop songs that many grew up with, when there was much youth and innocence. The playlist promises to bring back moments of nostalgia.

2. Currentness is your currency: Is there a recent event or holiday happening in your area? Creating a playlist with your extensive music knowledge related to that event keeps it relevant for music fans and likely garners you new ones.

How about a Scary Stories playlist for Halloween to set the mood?

Or with the MNET Asian Music Awards 2016 coming this December, what better to celebrate the Kpop nominees with this playlist.

3. Keep your tracks laser-focus: It’s very tempting to seed a myriad of songs (especially if you’re marketing a latest release) within. Don’t try to fit too many irrelevant songs within a playlist. Know the theme of your playlist and stay on course.

Deep Cuts: Green Day by Topsify was curated for Green Day fans, featuring the best hits of the punk rock band. But not only, this playlist serves as a great sampler for casual music listeners who might be unfamiliar with the band. Take a listen, you'll love the flow.

Sad songs only in the "悲伤释放" playlist and it don't matter if they're in Mandarin, Korean or Japanese. This playlist wants you to cry in music's embrace.

Playlists (and it's artwork!) are a great tool to include as part of your artist and content marketing strategy and could lead to discovery of new music by the fans.

While it’s great and efficient with algorithms shaping our consumption patterns, yet sometimes a human touch is still irreplaceable in creativity.